tekota601|5 dead in 2 car accidents in Iraq

2024-07-08 0 Comments

BAGHDAD, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Five people were killed and six others wounded on Sunday in two car accidents north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a police source saidtekota601.

In one accident, four people were killed when their car overturned on the main road between Baghdad and the northern city of Kirkuk as a result of inattentive and speed driving, Major Alaa al-Saadi told Xinhua.

tekota601|5 dead in 2 car accidents in Iraq

In a separate accident, a soldier was killed, and six people, including three soldiers, were injured when two cars collided on a road south of Kirkuk, al-Saadi said.

Abdul-Zahara al-Hindawi, spokesman of the Ministry of Planning, said last month that a ministry report showed that 11,552 traffic accidents occurred in 2023, with the death of 3,019 people, mainly due to negligence of traffic rules and deteriorating road conditions.